Something a little fun and maybe scary..

Oh my gosh…it’s been a while!

So much has happened, babies, jobs, houses lalalalal but enough of that and onto the good stuff.

MaKeUp, that is why we are here after all.

I am in love with skulls and anything Dawn of The Dead inspired which made me super happy to be asked to do this awesome makeup the other day.

The brief was scary, red and Dawn of the Dead…Yesss. Here is the end result.

Dawn of the Dead makeup 1

Dawn of the Dead makeup


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Last minute Christmas gift

For that person who has everything. GH Mumm Rose. Comes in an awesome pink carry case too.

Last minute gift for that person who has everything. GH Mumm Rose. Comes in an awesome pink carry case too.

The winner is….



You have won yourself a Philips VisaPure Cleansing Brush.








We hope you enjoy your prize.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the VisaPure so let us know how it goes.

You can read about Jenna’s best present here in the comments


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A Pregnancy Shoot

This was the first time I had done makeup and hair for a pregnancy shoot!

This lovely lady was about 6 months pregnant at the time and was glowing! It was just simple makeup and curled hair.

She already has a beautiful little lady, who also received a bit of pampering.

photography by Two Acorns Photography

























My Best Friends Wedding

If you are a regular Makeup Case reader you will know that one half, Bec, was engaged to be married. Well, the day has come! Miss Rebecca became Mrs Rebecca on the 8th of November 2013. It was truly a beautiful event with a small group of their close family.

This small event then grew to something massive and took over the entire weekend. She celebrated her nuptials with all their friends, and family, on Sunday. It was a casual affair and little bit carnival. I was the Maid of Honour. (Not sure when it’s maid or matron, please let me know the difference and if I’m right or wrong!)

Here are a few photos from the wedding. Mostly Sunday but maybe a cheeky one from Friday too.